Theo’s Guide & Wantok Tours, was first started as a hobby to help empower local communities which was initiated by Theodore Baworo (known as Theo’) in 2009 whilst being a student at Divine Word University and before completing his Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality Management.

In 2011, after completing his studies and upon graduation was further inspired by a speech conveyed to the graduating students by Fr. Garrett Roche, SVD, (the then Chairman of the University Council) to not only seek job but to ‘create job for others’. This drove his passion to venture into the tourism entrepreneurship with his Degree qualification and practical experiences on hand.

From there on, Theo never backed down his ambition to create employment opportunities for others and with his readily initiated business concept converted from his hobby of community service in a bottom-up approach. His concept was to empower local indigenous communities through the powerful reach of tourism and to create positive impact on those places tourists visit and loved in an ecofriendly grass-roots travel approach.

With his hobby of helping local communities, he further created a travel blog titled PNG Village Travel (http://pngvillagetravel.blogspot.com) in 2010. With no funding, the blog was backed by his local concept of Theo’s Guide in 2009 which became available online in early 2011. Theo’s Guide in line with PNG Village Travel blog was Theo’s tour venture initiative to endow locals in a ‘win-win’ business situation by creating sustainable wealth through cultural and ecotourism for indigenous resource owners. This was done also in line to support PNG’s Development Strategic Plan (2010-2030) as one of the objectives to take part in building PNG as a middle income country by 2030. With Theo’s humble operations as a freelancer and a commissioner, Theo’s Guide & Wantok Tours was further recognized by the Madang Visitors’ & Cultural Bureau (MVCB) in 2012.

Theo’s passion and work became known by the provincial tourism bureau as a local freelance tour guide and operator in Madang province by the former Executive Director, Ms. Erigere Singin. The former head of the Madang provincial tourism bureau not only recognized Theo as the professional guide and interpreter but as a local tour operator having strong local network and contacts with his wantoks (resource owners) in Madang province.

Thus the name, Theo’s Guide & Wantok Tours birthed. The word ‘wantok’ is a Pidgin word which literally means ‘one talk’.  In reality like most Pidgin words, its definition covers a wider scope. Wantok is a term used to denote anyone who is from your family or anyone who is a close friend or speaks the same language or sometimes not so close. Hence, Theo’s Guide will act as a friend and wantok for its visiting tourists and combining village tour programs to its friendly wantok communities at the informal and grass-roots level to a more personalized experience with the indigenous communities for 

an authentic cultural experience!

The idea of a dynamically modern eco-tourism guide and operator as Theo’s Guide & Wantok Tours is one with minimal overheads, but flexible enough to supply village, cultural and nature tours within Madang province and selective countrywide tours that are qualitatively rewarding for tourists and economically reasonable for villagers - was seriously thought
out to employ local and professional guides and stimulate local economies.

The local operator and guide is specialized in organizing tours and arranging hires for nature and cultural experiences within Madang province.

Theo's Guide can arrange:

·         Meet and greet at Madang airport or at hotel accommodation

·         Airport transfer to hotel accommodation

·         Booking of hotel accommodation

·         Escorted tours and professional tour guiding

·         Local guides at attraction sites

·         hiring of vehicles

·         personal walking tours within town and market areas for tourists who want to try something new or individuals, families, couples or group of 3-5 people at a time

·         fresh, sealed water bottles for drinking during tours

·         fresh tropical fruits and snacks during tours


For your tropical adventures, Theo's Guide can arrange:

-          forest walk, bird-watching & caving

-          botanical & orchid gardens with butterflies

-          botanical gardens & fish and water creatures

-          canoeing (traditional kayaking) & snorkeling, divining (come with your snorkeling & diving gears)

-          different cultural dances & traditional sing-sings upon request

-          full village experience or village home-stay and culture

-          arts & craft

-          town tour to all the iconic sites and Madang’s mini-museum


NB: Traditional or local lunch can be arranged according to the number of heads if requested


Note that Theo's Guide provide tours for only 1-12 pax at maximum at a time. Special consideration may be given to the arrival of P&O Cruise into Madang for town shuttle tours and village tours.

Extensive tours to the highlands of Papua New Guinea can be arranged for only Eastern Highlands Province if requested 2 months in advance for the actual tour. Goroka, capital town of EHP is renowned of its annual “Goroka Cultural Show” that falls on September 16th and has a cooler temperature climate than Madang with low humidity.

We now also offer tour for East New Britain and West New Britain provinces in the Islands region.

For more information, e-mail theosguide@gmail.com 

 To view our Testimonies, please visit our blog (PNG Village Travel) by clicking on this link.


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