Eco-friendly Wantok Tours & Guide Text Controlling Tags - Part 2

Welcome to Theo's Guide & Wantok Tours

Our Mission:
is “to promote safer model villages and to create positive impact on those places tourists visit and loved in an eco-friendly grass-roots’ travel approach.”

Our Vision:
is “to sustain long-term relationship with rural destinations and promote safer hosting communities in Papua New Guinea through the powerful reach of tourism."

We will strive to be a leading tour venture in promoting safer rural tourism destinations with nature and authentic cultural experiences; and act as a marketing agent for tourism destinations in Madang and Papua New Guinea as a whole by 2030.

Brief History of Theo's Guide

Theo’s Guide & Wantok Tours started in 2009 as a hobby which led to tour guiding ventures in Madang province through Theo’s passion and vision to help market and promote potential rural tourism destinations for the indigenous communities in Madang.

Theo’s initiative and community service continued on in 2010 sacrificing his time, advocating and providing consultancy without cost to support local communities and through local cooperatives in the hope to promote safer model village destinations in Madang and Papua New Guinea.

With his initiative, Theo further established PNG Village Travel blog as a platform to promote and market potential village destinations in Madang and PNG. This platform or having an online presence was also to sustain Theo’s work and to further promote safer model village destinations.

In 2011, Theo’s work later became recognized by the Madang Visitor’s & Cultural Bureau under its former Executive Director - Ms. Erigere Singin as a freelance guide and professional interpreter for the international visitors and NGOs in Madang province (click here for further reference).

Since then, Theo assisted many indigenous communities and resource owners through village gatherings and awareness on the importance of ecotourism. As an ecotourism advocate, Theo’s motive was to empower local communities to have ownership in their resources and to help the indigenous people on how to go about setting up small tourism ventures such as village stays, local guest houses, cultural sing-sings & entertainment, natural & historical sites, and the list to attract eco-savy travellers in a “grass-roots travel approach”. 

In October 2015, due to the demand with Theo’s tour guiding experiences and his PR and network with the indigenous communities, Theo’s Guide & Wantok Tours was formally registered under Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) through the Madang Chamber of Commerce. This was done to help further market and sell local destinations legally with Theo’s hope to also create employment opportunities for the local communities whilst protecting their environment and culture and to create positive impact on those places tourists visit and loved with his travels at a bottom-up approach.

In line with ‘green travel’ practices and through the grass-roots travel approach, Theo believes the powerful reach of tourism either both domestic and international would create positive impact on those places tourists visit and loved in the long run. With his philosophy and dream, Theo intend to pursue his vision in developing better rural destinations in Madang and PNG by innovating his travel idea with a “grass-roots travel approach” to create awareness and education on building safer and respectable communities for ecotourism development in Papua New Guinea!


Madang Province

The beautiful Madang Province shares the name of its township Madang and is once known to be the ‘Pearl of the South Pacific’. Over the years, Madang’s economy was mainly dependent on copra, cocoa, timber, fishing and tourism. Today, with the developments taking place such as the mining companies like Ramu-Nico and Mareengo Mine at Yandera, Madang province has seen influx of business travelers  has been seen as a  major economic corridor for the MOMASE and the Highlands provinces of Papua New Guinea.

Madang has become a major educational centre and is home to numerous tertiary institutions including Divine Word University, Madang Technical School, the Lutheran School of Nursing, PNG Maritime College, Institute of Medical Research and Madang Teachers College to name a few.

Madang is also home to expatriates and various NGOs including World Vision, Save the Children, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), Pathfinder International, Bread for the World (BftW) and has more visitors travelling to the province every year.



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